A program that, through a structured methodology,
speeds up the integration of a new manager within the first 100 days.

Organizations seek to acquire talent but very often neglect highly relevant aspects within the first 100 days of incorporation that can make these leaders fail for any of these reasons….

There is not always a well-defined integration program and, if it exists, it is not systematized

There is no-one responsible for the integration….in the best case, there are different players involved without alignment

The new leader is the protagonist of the integration, but his/her manager has a key role in the success of the program

The day-to-day work makes every attempt at integration fail

The person may have blockages or fears that are not worked on from the beginning and can lead to failure in the integration

The company does not have the know-how or the time to apply a methodology during the 100 days

The strategic objectives are not established from the very beginning, neglecting the medium- to long-term vision

What is the differential value of the in-placement 100PLUS?

The first methodology working with the manager and in-placed leader as a differential factor, maximizing the impact of the program (results)

It maximizes the effort (ROI) made to identify talent (selection)

It ensures a planned and successful integration

It has a strategic scope (long-term vision)

It is based on the care for people as strategic value

The company does not always have the know-how or the time to apply the methodology internally

It is made up of a team of experts in organization and people

It is only applied at certain levels of perceived greater impact within the organization